Our Journey

This is our final year at Bath Spa University, and the Hatched blog is a record of our journey towards the Free Range Show in July 2011.
The countdown begins, and the work is forming...
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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Back to School Pub Quiz Fundraiser

Back To School PUB QUIZ



 Come along and join us for a fun filled school based pub quiz evening tonight!

7.30pm - 3am.

subjects will include English, Maths, Art, Media, Music, Geography and History... so get revising!

1st prize for the pub quiz - Dinner for the team and 

two bottles of wine (team of 4 max)

All teams will also be in for a chance to win some lovely art prizes in the art raffle!

The night will move into a live music session for all to enjoy!

£1.50 to play plus free raffle ticket for all players

Come down to support the local art scene, have a few drinks and maybe win 

yourself some fabulous prizes!! 

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Natalia Komis

Artist of the Week - 20th March 2011

Dust Compressor
(wood, metal jack, three weeks worth of dust, dustpan and brush)

Primarily interested in the way we as humans leave a trace of our existence, I begin to explore a socio-anthropological investigation and demand a redistribution of politics particularly those surrounding and encompassing our lives. Looking at the human imprint, what we leave behind, what we discard and what traces are left of our physical and spiritual embodiment I create work that is in many respects both physical and metaphysical. This is understood through a process of archiving and recording the spaces, objects and residue of our human presence, by using a mixture of sculpture, installation and video works. 

Recently the work has expressed a desire to completely flatten out and eradicate social hierarchies affected by and effectuating of consumerism. Waiting for things, dust in this case, to naturally be destroyed and then manually become compacted.

By sweeping, crushing and compressing dust I have become almost obsessed with how to preserve and re-use this residue of others and the objects that others may encompass.
Dust is a natural essence of our lives and the world in which we live in, mostly ignored or brushed away. By forcing the viewer to see this as a solidified object, it not only represents the passing of time but also our own and that of the planets being. 

Sweeping Flour
(Still from video)



Friday, 18 March 2011


This Monday

We are hosting a 


Home Made Crafts

So come along for some goodies at Sion Hill Reception! 
10:00- 15:00

....Something to keep you calm and happy.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

HATCHED Presents...

HATCHED Presents...   70 Feet the Bath Spa Fine Art Show 2011!

So we've been very busy regarding our Free Range show.... fundraising, design, naming the show etc etc.

Here's what has happened in the last couple of weeks...

We've been bag packing, doing cake sales, and a keen member of our group has even shaved her hair off!! Raising a whopping £600! Well done Faith :)

We are all starting to think more about what we might actually be showing for our show now, as degree show time is catching up with us!

We have also decided on catalogue format and our Graphics Designer for this year is Kate Wardale! So well done Kate for being chosen.

And a big thank you to those that submitted work - we had some brilliant designs!

Here is a little preview of what the space looks like, minus the walls and the art!

Without giving much away, we have some exciting things lined up for you all! Including extra special Bath Spa art and performances! 

Finally, May 17th we have a big event planned at Komedia in Bath - LIVE MUSIC, DJs, ART RAFFLE, DANCE and DRINKS. More info and line up TBA soon... Tickets will be on sale after Easter. 

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Megan Hoyle

Artist of the Week - 27th February 2011

Canvas is steadily unpicked and the resulting threads are dipped into oil medium in a time based performance. The work deconstructs painting and is formed from a desire to investigate the relationship between canvas and oil medium. I am intrigued by the minute details of the materials and drawing attention to the way they behave. The act of incessantly unpicking and dipping the threads explores the structure of the canvas and the viscosity of the medium.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Amreen Khan

Artist of the Week - 20th February 2011

My work investigates the concept of cultures, in particular my struggle between two societies; my origins in Pakistan and the Western society, which I live in. The paintings explore the contrast of cultures and uses bright colours which originate from traditional Asian clothing. Mehndi (is an Urdu meaning for ‘henna’) designs are applied to the paintings using western tools, such as biro and gel pens, integrating the two cultures.



Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Silent Disco Fundraiser at Back to Mine

On Thursday the 24th of February we will be hosting a silent disco fundraiser at Back to Mine in Bath!

"What's a silent disco?" I hear you ask, well, silent disco is the latest sensation rippling through UK nightlife, a combination of hi-end technology and old fashioned disco lead to a unique musical sensory experience. 
Upon entering we will provide you with a set of our wireless headphones to listen to the music and then have two DJ's playing simultaneously on two separate channels, which means you only listen to the music that you want to hear! If you don't like the music from the first DJ just flick the switch. 

There are no advance tickets for this event so get down early to guarantee entry!

10pm - 2am 
Admission: £6 

DJ support:

ExplodingMan - (DnB/Reggae/Funk/Chill)

Deft - (Hip Hop/Dubstep/Electronica etc.)

Notorious Stag - (Indie/Rock/Alternative)